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  • The End ResultThe End Result

    When you sit down to write a sketch - consider why you're doing it first! For instance, if I write a sketch from an idea… »
  • Updates and EditsUpdates and Edits

    It's always difficult to go back to past work and improve it (not that I'm saying our sketches can't be improved!). That… »
  • Another day, another punchlineAnother day, another punchline

    Another successful day. We've written and recorded two topical sketches for the Pod Delusion podcast. You can subscribe to this… »
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LoveTo is the comedy writing partnership of David Lovesy and Brian Two.

Based in Milton Keynes, they are the regular sketch writers for the popular Pod Delusion podcast, as well as writing for BBC’s weekly satirical show Newsjack. They also write and perform sketch shows in conjunction with the Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy.

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